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Working with various brands over the years, Fall Creek’s Founder noticed many marketing and sales teams are in desperate need of a helping hand. Marketing teams are building catalogs, designing campaigns, coordinating trade shows, and more, which limits the amount of time they have to build nontraditional marketing strategies.  And on the sales side, these people are constantly running in the red so it’s extremely difficult for them to develop and foster long term relationships with current and perspective customers to leverage partnerships. From here, Fall Creek was born. We build nontraditional and strategic marketing portfolios while building long term relationships generating brand interest and revenue. Fall Creek Branding is dedicated to broadening your reach to existing and prospective clients by nurturing relationships and building effective marketing initiatives.


Building Sponsorship Portfolios

Sponsorships are a tricky business. Are your sponsorships producing the proper ROI and reaching your target demographic? Which events should you align with? Is there a specific athlete or brands you should be associated with? How do you determine what is the right charity for us to sponsor? The list goes on when considering what is best for your brand. In addition, you probably get requests for sponsorships or donations frequently. Do you have a process set up for fielding these request, such as an application and grading system? These are all things the team at Fall Creek has mastered ensuring you receive maximum ROI. Once sponsorships are determined, Fall Creek helps you align partnerships with your marketing portfolio. That involves contract negotiations, pre-event marketing, on-site branding, retailer alignment, brand presence and exposure, hospitality, and post-event follow up. These are areas Fall Creek has managed for clients for years.

Influencer Groundswells

Influencer Groundswells uses nontraditional marketing efforts that are laser-focused towards certain influencer groups to create a groundswell movement for your brand. Unlike traditional marketing efforts where messages are blasted out to a large number of people, Influencer Groundswells drill down to critical groups and individuals to promote your message. These people are “the influencers.” If the influencers believe in your brand and product, they will quickly become your ambassadors. The positive message about your brand will quickly spread to the ambassadors’ social media channels and to direct conversations with friends. These are extremely powerful messages since they are coming from a trusted person and friend. Developing your “Influencer Groundswells” is one of the most overlooked areas in a marketing portfolio. Your marketing teams spend hours building media buys, making catalogs, writing reports, and more. Unfortunately, when items are prioritized, “Influencer Groundswells” never even seem to get to the list. Fall Creek will work with you to identify your key “influencers” and develop the blueprint for the best course of action for getting in front of these groups. If you wish, we’ll even be there with you.

Charity Alignment

The dollars and staff time you contribute to a charity helps shape your brand. We will never tell a client to gloat about their charitable backing, but the support you provide does need to receive recognition and return. You spend thousands of dollars in cash and time each year in charitable support, so these efforts are just as important as your traditional marketing plan. Fall Creek will review your past and current charity support. We will then work with your team to ensure you are receiving an ROI for your generosity and develop a strategic plan for future giving which aligns with your brand’s goals and mission.

Excavating Brand Alliances

Have you ever had conversations with your partners and key customers to strategize about building on each other’s network and branding opportunities? One of the most effective ways to build your brand is to team up with your current partners and customers For “ingredient” brands such as a DuPont, PORON Products, and 3M, you have to look at who you are supplying and where the areas are that you can work together. Perhaps at trade shows, or with joint media buys, or maybe it’s sponsoring a charity together. What if you are a big-name brand, such as a car manufacturer, hospital, bank, or recognized outdoor brand? This can get more challenging, but there are always connections to be made and ways to work with your partners and key customers. You need to think outside the box and get creative. The opportunities are there and Fall Creek knows how to find and build these partnerships.


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