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Fall Creek works to build strategic marketing and sales platforms that will engage with your customers ensuring your brand develops a strong and lasting relationship with these customers.

Businesses around the globe are faced with similar challenges of how to market their product and services to potential customers while increasing revenue.  Tactics and implementation for these areas are constantly changing and businesses must be agile to adjust to the times.  Fall Creek becomes a part of your team to fill in the sales and marketing areas that are being neglected.

Your marketing team is researching new business opportunities, building websites, building tools for your sales teams and more.  They do not have the bandwidth needed to build and bring to fruition a strategic marketing plan around social media and non-traditional marketing efforts.  Fall Creek will work closely with your team to develop this strategic plan and bring initiatives to fruition.  On the sales side, many of the traditional tactics have changed and your efforts must change as well.  You must reach your customers on many different platforms such as social media, email blasts, PR, through industry influencers, and know the pulse of the industry, and yes, reach them at tradeshows when those begin again.  These are all areas where Fall Creek can support your team.

Fall Creek Branding is dedicated to broadening your reach to existing and prospective clients by nurturing relationships and building effective marketing initiatives.


Strategic Marketing Development

Long gone are the days of purchasing a magazine ad to reach your customers.  You need to connect with your current and potential customers on many different levels through numerous different channels.  Fall Creek will work with you to develop a strategic and effective marketing plan being conscience of budgets while maximizing ROI.  Efforts will be focused on nontraditional marketing which will make a lasting and memorable connections with your customers.  We will evaluate items such as industry association assets and involvement, social media, sponsorships of athletes and events, and charity alignment to name a few.  Each area will have its own methodology and plan to engage with targeted customers, but all tactics will be aligned with the greater marketing plan and objectives.

Social Media Management

In today's atmosphere, social media is a must have for all businesses.  It is a platform where you build relationships with customers and in some cases, have the opportunity to sell your products.  Unfortunately, many brands do not use these channels properly.  Is Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn the proper channel to be on?  What is the proper message to express through these channels?  Does the “voice” we are using portray who our brand is?  The answers lie with who and what your brand is.  Developing your message and story for social channels must be done strategically and should not be something you turn on and off depending on your staff, the season, or if it just hits the radar every few weeks.  Social media should be an essential part of your marketing plan and it is just as important as your website and other marketing tools you share.  It is a tool that can be highly effective increasing your brand recognition and revenue.  Fall Creek will work with your team to build a strategic working calendar and develop the proper content that will be a powerful marketing tool.  

Business Development

As a small business, you wear numerous hats throughout the day.  This has allowed you to be nimble, but it has also held back some of your potential successes because you are not focusing on your expertise and skill set.  Fall Creek will take marketing and sales items off your plate which need to be fulfilled but do not receive the attention they properly need to be successful.  For example, you probably get requests for sponsorships or donations frequently.  Do you have a process set up for fielding these requests, such as an application and grading system?  Do you have essential boundaries set up to ensure the charity or event you are supporting aligns with your overall marketing strategy?  Do you have the bandwidth to activate your brand around your partnership to maximize your ROI?  These are areas Fall Creek will support your team so they can concentrate on their objectives while we activate your partnership.

Brand Alignment & Sales

It feels like since the start of COVID-19 the world of sales has been turned upside down.  Some of the traditional ways of sales and visiting with customers are no longer available but you still need to connect with your customers.  Calling and video conferencing with your customers of course is still available, but the in-person interaction is not possible.  In addition, there are not enough hours in the day to connect with your customers as frequently as needed.  Fall Creek will help you develop a plan for how to connect with your customers through social media, PR, influencers, email blasts, and tradeshows (when they start again).  We will also look at your current customer partnerships to evaluate these relationships to ensure you are maximizing each parties’ attributes.


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