About Us

We have over 20 years of experience building social media platforms, constructing unique marketing programs, and cultivating partnerships that grow our customers’ sales. With an entrepreneurial mindset specializing in brand and product management, and strategic sales, we work closely with our partners so they can build strong and lasting relationships with current and potential customers. When working with Fall Creek, we become a part of your team from day one. Think of us as an extension of your team taking on the areas that are important to your business but are neglected since there are not enough hours in the day. Fall Creek will work closely with your team to build and manage a strategic social media platform and non-traditional marketing efforts while bringing them to fruition. We can also manage customer accounts building strong partnerships to increase future revenue. Fall Creek Branding is dedicated to broadening your reach to existing and prospective clients by nurturing relationships, building effective marketing initiatives, and being versatile to our customers’ needs. One of our favorite compliments was when a customer mentioned “you are the Swiss Army knife of branding and technical product sales”. Who doesn’t need a Swiss Army knife.


Brand Management

Building a strategic marketing and sales plan directed at target customers is key to effective brand management while maintaining and growing your brand's equity. Fall Creek will develop these strategies to increase your brand’s credibility and value to target markets. We will start by developing tactical plans with action items to achieve short and long term goals . We will then work with your sales and marketing team to ensure plans formulated fit the brand’s goals and strategy then bring them to fruition.

Social Media Management

Social media is one major piece of your sales and marketing portfolio.  Love it or hate it, social media are platforms to develop relationships with current and potential customers, build your credibility, and sell your products. Unfortunately, many brands and suppliers do not use these channels properly. Is Facebook or LinkedIn the proper channel? What is the correct message for each channel? How frequent should we put up posts? Developing your message and story for social must be done strategically...not something you turn on and off due to staff’s bandwidth. We will work with your team to build a strategic working calendar, develop the proper content, and manage the social strategy from top to bottom.

Relationship Management

Managing strategic partnerships is about building relationships, retaining consumers and growing opportunities with these clients. Fall Creek will work with your team to identify target customers and what the client's needs are. Fall Creek will then work to develop a long-term and strong relationship with these clients building trust to gain knowledge of what the customers’ needs revolve around. Understanding the customers’ needs will answer questions, solve customer problems, and support the growth of a long-term strategic partnership.

Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing is about telling your story to your target customers. It is a consistent reminder of who you are and what your brand is about. Your brand marketing story must be clear, consistent and conscience built around a long term strategy promoting your products or services to increase your brand identity. Fall Creek will become fully immersed with your company objectives so we can build this story and begin to promote it to target markets. This message will be portrayed through marketing materials, tradeshows, and even during customer visits and interactions.


Contact Us

Fall Creek, LLC Shipping: 1300 North Frontage Rd West, #3784, Vail, CO., 81657 970-331-7597 info@fallcreekbranding.com | joeblair@fallcreekbranding.com